Wild Awake Mindfulness Experience - Blog Post

On Monday 4th September 2018, a small group of us met at Bowler St entrance to the park do an hour of mindfulness with Claire from Wild Awake Mindfulness, and I was attending my first session of outdoor mindfulness in the park. We walked down the little path into the woods. After introducing ourselves, Claire did a couple of short sitting meditations. I noticed that meditating on breath was much easier than indoors alone, and more relaxing than group sessions indoors. The sounds from the park such as birdsong and wind in the trees, the feel of the wind on skin, and simply being in the open air made it much easier to focus on the moment. Even when there were distractions, such as laughter from the picnic areas and noisy crows crying harshly above, it didn’t distract us. We also did some lying meditation, and saw a different side to the woods, watching squirrels and birds hopping about in the trees before closing our eyes. By the time we had finished, it was getting dark, and I felt good to have really felt the passage from day to night. There are some more sessions happening over the next few weeks, see the event below for details!