Forest Immersion - 1st June and 21st July

It appears I have turned into a big kid and with as much big kid enthusiasm as I can muster (and I can muster quite a lot I am so excited!) I want to invite you to have fun (mindfully of course).

An opportunity for you to bring out your inner child and have some fun by immersing yourself in nature, play and mindfulness. Play isn’t just for kids, it increases our sense of feeling good about ourselves and can help us to feel more connected with others, we drop our usual roles (mother, father, carer, friend, boss, colleague) and ‘just be’ as kids do so easily. We are all kids at heart- we have just forgotten how to be. Lets learn to play again.

We will be playing lots of fun games, meditating around a fire, singing campfire songs and drinking mugs of hot chocolate. No prior mindfulness or playfulness experience needed. Tickets are £25 and LIMITED to 14 places so book quickly to secure your place https://www.wildawake-mindfulness.co.uk/what-s-on

Bowler St Entrance, Highfield Country Park, Levenshulme Saturday 1st June and Sunday 21st July 10-1pm claire@wildawake-mindfulness.co.uk